The Dreaded Pre-Season

The dreaded pre-Season


Most sports have a pre-season but what does a club get out of it?

Photo: Debra Jean Photography

Photo: Debra Jean Photography


After a long off-season in any sport there comes a time to dust off the cobwebs and get back on the park or in this case, the ice without points on the line.


The pre-season can be a good chance to see how some players have progressed and gives a coach a chance to look at a few players that could possibly make the team.


Many local players have come out firing in the pre-season and forced their way onto the team.


With limited imports available, it’s a chance to see how your local depth is and of cause a few younger guys who get to train with the team, will get a chance to play.


But what of the downside?


Well there are things like depleted lines as you are generally playing with limited or no imports.


A few other things that can impact on the start of the season are injuries and suspensions.


Losing a player for the season or an extended period of time, can cause a few headaches for coaches and coached don’t need headaches.


The pre-season can be a chance to lift silverware like the Wilson Cup, it can be a chance to give the home crowd a warm up for the season to come but it is a warning that hockey season is about to start, so get it together and be ready for opening night.




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