Dogs Defeat Stars

The Sydney Ice Dogs returned to the Hunter Ice Skating Stadium on Sunday night, this time for a North Stars home game.


The North Stars got off to a great start in the first period, with goals to Robert Starke, Jaysen Chalker and Brian Bales and appeared to have sorted out a few issues in the goal scoring area.

The return of Beau Taylor saw him add speed to the line up and the line with Hayden Sheard and Matt Wetini looks like it will bear fruit further into the season.

The Ice Dogs started a fightback that would see the period finish 3-2 after goals to Shane Southwood and Billy Cliff.

The Ice Dogs were served well up the ice by Richard Tesarik and Paul Baranzelli who started to dominate the neutral zone.

The second period saw a goal to Richard Tesarik at 11.39 but the battle raged along the boards with David Dunwoodie checking anything that moved.

The North Stars had plenty of opportunities however it was only the goal tending of Tom Noting that prevented the scoreline from moving further ahead in he scoreline.

The third period began at 3-3 and after goals to Adam Geric for Newcastle and Billy Cliff for Sydney, would see the score finish at 4-4 and head to a shootout.

After attempts by Chris Wilson and Richard Tesarik, which both resulted in saves by Harrison May and Noting, it would be Simon Barg to put the Ice Dogs up 1-0.

A miss by Beau Taylor added pressure to the North Stars however another miss to Brian Bales would give the Ice Dogs a shootout victory.

A highlight for the Ice Dogs and one to watch in the future, was the performance of young gun, Lachlan Allport.

The North Stars showed that the return of Beau Taylor will add another dimension to their attack and that could surely be the last piece of the puzzle the North Stars need.


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