The Big Interview – Siri

When you want to ask the big questions about the Australian Ice Hockey League, you ask the woman who pretty much knows everything there is to know. She has access to a knowledge database that most of us would be envious of. I sat down with Siri to ask the big questions.



Q. Hi Siri

A. Hi Tonksy


Q. Well Siri are you ready to answer the big questions?

A. Let me think about that.


Q. What does Siri think of the Australian Ice Hockey League?

A. Sorry Tonksy I don’t have schedules for the winter Olympics but I have news articles for you.


Ahh ok, I really thought you’d know about it. It trends on Twitter.


Q. Surely you’re a big fan though Siri?

A. Well if you insist.


Q. Siri do you think the Sydney Ice Dogs can mount a comeback for season 2014?

A. I think different.


Q. What do you think of the CBR Brave in their debut season?

A. I really couldn’t say.


Q. I’m sure you would have seen the effort put into getting CBR on the ice?

A. If you say so.


I’m getting the feeling Siri doesn’t like me very much


Q. Have you seen any AIHL games on Fox yet?

A. No but I know the scores for todays NHL.


Q. Who do you think will be the AIHL Most Valuable Player for 2014?

A. The MVP, I’m not quite sure about that one


Q. Lastly who is our big tip to win the AIHL?

A. I forget.


I think you know but your holding out on me.


Q. Well Siri thanks for spending some time answering my questions.

A. No worries.


Well there you have it folks, Siri is dodging the big questions and being very diplomatic. I’m sure she is holding out on us.


Craig Tonks


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