Newcastle North Stars V Sydney Bears 13/04

The opening weekend of the 2014 Australian Ice Hockey Season is a special weekend for fans of the ice hockey.


Artwork:: Greg Rickford

Artwork:: Greg Rickford

The Newcastle North Stars returned home to Hunter Ice Skating Stadium after a successful trip to the nations capital the previous night.

The Sydney Bears were ready for their first game of the AIHL season, however unlike Newcastle had a team untested, with the arrival of their Import players during the week.

The first period saw the Bears break out to a 2-0 lead after goals to Adrian Esposito and Lee Turner.

The Bears made the most of the mistakes made by the North Stars, even with a strong period from Matt Taylor and Matt Lindsay.

It is apparent that the 2014 edition of the Bears will be built on solid defence, with Goal Tender, Daniel Palmvist. One player who will feature heavily for the Bears and add starch to the back line, will surely be Spencer Austin, who matures as a player every season.

The second period was the period ,where Newcastle stepped up and lift the aggression, which was closely matched by the Bears, however it was Spencer Austin who would open up the gap to 3-0.

The third period saw Sydney heading home with a wet sail and another goal to Sean Hamilton Steen helped secure the first of many wins of the season for the Bears.

Both teams can walk away with many more positives than negatives.

The North Stars will be looking forward to having Hayden Sheard back on the ice after suspension, the return of Adam Geric and the arrival of Import, Chris Wilson.

The Bears will welcome the return Michael Schlamp  and Cameron Todd but will surely be enjoying the extra dimension added by former Ice Dog, Alec Stephenson.



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