Hockey, Wrestling & Calgary

When visiting Calgary in March 2013, my friend and CTV Calgary News Producer, Shaun Frenette asked me what I wanted to see whilst I was there.

Photo:: Shaun Frenette

Photo:: Shaun Frenette

It wasn’t a hard question really when you already feel a connection to the city and love Ice Hockey. I wanted to ski in Banff, see the Calgary Flames play, see the Calgary Hitmen play, some hot springs for the wife and to see the famous Hart House.

Whilst I was doing a tour of CTV Calgary, it came to light that the Hart House was close by. Did I really want to see it, the house where legends were born? Of cause I did.

It was snowing quite heavy and a chilly -10 degrees Celsius but this wasn’t just a trip to look at a house, it was a pilgrimage.

Photo:: Shaun Frenette

Photo:: Shaun Frenette

Any fan of wrestling, which I tended to go through stages with, wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see the house with the famous dungeon, where screams emanated up through the air vents.

To stand out the front for the photo you can almost imagine the characters that walked through that very front yard to majestic house, the house that IS wrestling.

Stopping outside the house, it was where Bret and Owen Hart grew up, although much of the new development around it possibly had made the grounds smaller.

So why the connection to the Harts and Calgary?

Aussies and Canadians always have had a great understanding and respect of each other. The Hart family seemed close kit, showed loyalty and respect.

As a young Australian teenager the Hart Family, to me was Canada, until I travelled and met many more Canadians who in all reality had the same values I respected of the Hart’s.

To see the Hart House and watch a game of Hitmen ice hockey really made the trip special and made me want to return to Calgary another time.

Recently watching Total Divas on the E Network, I saw Natalie Neidhart and it was evident that the values taught through the Hart family and the Hart House live on stronger than ever.



2 thoughts on “Hockey, Wrestling & Calgary

  1. Shaun Frenette

    Nice! Thanks for the shoutout. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Too bad the Hart House wasn’t open for tours. I’m sure it would be very popular. Despite all the hockey stars to come out of Calgary, I think Bret Hart is the most famous Calgarian worldwide for sure.


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