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2014 Model Ferrari – Ready to Play

Nothing could have been more frustrating for Newcastle North Stars defence, David Ferrari than sitting out the whole 2013 Australian Ice Hockey League season, watching his team mates from the side of the rink.


He did just that and used his time wisely.

The 2014 Australian Ice Hockey League Season sees the return of Ferrari to the North Stars defence, playing along side his North Stars Academy partner, John Kennedy Jnr.

It was playing recreational hockey at the WINSPORT Complex in Calgary, Alberta that Ferrari suffered a knee injury when he ruptured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

Even with immediate surgery, it was an injury that would normally take seven to nine months out of the game, which would have seen Ferrari coming back just before the 2013 AIHL finals.

Ferrari confident that the side on the ice were doing a great job in his absence, had big ideas and the opportunity to implement an idea from his time in Calgary.

This saw him create the North Stars Academy.

In what may seem a strange turn of events, Ferrari spent the next twelve months developing the next generation of Newcastle North Stars.

It was the newly created Elite Prospects Program that saw the future possibility of Ferrari playing along side some of the programs young stars,

Hayden Sheard is a part of our Elite Prospects Program and he is one who has made the most of every opportunity available to him, which will help make the transition to the AIHL this year or next year at the latest”.

On game day in Newcastle that the crowd saw the looming figure of Ferrari behind the Newcastle North Stars bench.

The chance to be an assistant to Newcastle Manager Gary Dore and work with the defence, gave Ferrari a chance to learn more about coaching and managing a hockey team.

For the moment it’s all about hockey for Ferrari who is visiting schools in the region showing young kids hockey.

A chance to show videos and play some floor hockey could unearth young future North Stars that would have been lost to other sports.

Ferrari is confident about starting the season strong and fit, “I’m ready for game day, there will be nerves but they will be good nerves. The knee feels great, it’s a 100% and I’ve given it some good workouts with solid contact. Starting the season in Canberra will be a good test, they are a physical side”.

It will be great to see Ferrari back on the ice and a chance for many of his young fans to see how to the Coach does it.


Hockey, Wrestling & Calgary

When visiting Calgary in March 2013, my friend and CTV Calgary News Producer, Shaun Frenette asked me what I wanted to see whilst I was there.

Photo:: Shaun Frenette

Photo:: Shaun Frenette

It wasn’t a hard question really when you already feel a connection to the city and love Ice Hockey. I wanted to ski in Banff, see the Calgary Flames play, see the Calgary Hitmen play, some hot springs for the wife and to see the famous Hart House.

Whilst I was doing a tour of CTV Calgary, it came to light that the Hart House was close by. Did I really want to see it, the house where legends were born? Of cause I did.

It was snowing quite heavy and a chilly -10 degrees Celsius but this wasn’t just a trip to look at a house, it was a pilgrimage.

Photo:: Shaun Frenette

Photo:: Shaun Frenette

Any fan of wrestling, which I tended to go through stages with, wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see the house with the famous dungeon, where screams emanated up through the air vents.

To stand out the front for the photo you can almost imagine the characters that walked through that very front yard to majestic house, the house that IS wrestling.

Stopping outside the house, it was where Bret and Owen Hart grew up, although much of the new development around it possibly had made the grounds smaller.

So why the connection to the Harts and Calgary?

Aussies and Canadians always have had a great understanding and respect of each other. The Hart family seemed close kit, showed loyalty and respect.

As a young Australian teenager the Hart Family, to me was Canada, until I travelled and met many more Canadians who in all reality had the same values I respected of the Hart’s.

To see the Hart House and watch a game of Hitmen ice hockey really made the trip special and made me want to return to Calgary another time.

Recently watching Total Divas on the E Network, I saw Natalie Neidhart and it was evident that the values taught through the Hart family and the Hart House live on stronger than ever.