North Stars Toy Drive

There are times when being connected to a sport makes you feel a sense of pride however this feeling is intensified when your sport, is an amateur sport and is out in the community doing great things.

Photo:: Craig Tonks

Photo:: Craig Tonks

It’s pleasing to see the Newcastle North Stars continue the tradition of the annual John Hunter Children’s Hospital Toy Drive, started in 2010 by Import, Chris Belanger.

Each year in the lead up to last few home games the North Stars fans donate toys for the children at the hospital, who’s ages range from 1 to 18.

With the assistance of the Starlight Foundation the North Stars attend the hospital with the aim of bringing smiles to the faces of some very sick kids, some who are fighting serious illnesses.

A bunch of hockey players walking into the hospital with large buckets of toys got tongues wagging and it was nice to see some hockey fans come out of the woodwork to say hi.

IMG_0184 2

Players John Kennedy Jr, Dominic Osman, Jeff Martens, Tim Stanger, Pier-Olivier Cotnoir and Joey Theriault were joined by Greg Rickford, Craig Tonks and Peter Davis from the North Stars Media Team who attended each ward and delivered a toy to every child.

The smiles on the faces from the kids, many with long stays in hospital ahead of them were a humbling reminder of how a small amount of effort can bring an enormous amount of happiness to a child.


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