Newcastle North Stars V Canberra Knights

Newcastle North Stars V Canberra Knights

Photo:: Debra Jean Photography

Photo:: Debra Jean Photography

The Canberra Knights travelled north with one thing in mind, to take three points from the Newcastle North Stars and stop the flood of goals that derailed their season. Craig Tonks caught the action for HSN.

The first period opened with some great exchanges between both teams which saw driving into the opposition zone and making the shots on goal.

A penalty against the Knights at 11.57 for too many players on the ice opened the door for the North Stars to run a power play line, paying dividends at 11.47 when Pier Olivier Cotnoir slipped a puck to Jeff Martens to open the scoring at 1-0.

A slap-shot from the blue line by John Kennedy Jr at 9.07, delivered Newcastle’s second goal however Canberra had the answer at 8.56 when a goal mouth scrap resulted in Matt Taylor dragging the score back to 2-1.

With 7.01 remaining in the first period the defending North Stars turned defence into attack when Jeff Martens fired a puck up the ice to Dominic Osman who was patrolling the blue line which resulted in a 3-1 score in favour of the North Stars.

To the credit of the Knights who never took a step back, they kept working the puck and asking questions of the Newcastle defence. This paid off and put Canberra back on the score board when Jordan Braid combined with Jordan Gavin to take the teams to the break with a 3-2 score.

The second period began with sustained pressure from the North Stars with Canberra goal tender Chris Slauenwhite denying the North Stars several times until 12.11 when Dominic Osman fired a shot from the blue line on a power play which rebounded off of Jordan Braid allowing Osman to take a second shot and securing Newcastle’s fourth goal.

Just over a minute later Jeff Martens jumped on a lose puck to take the score to 5-2 however Canberra hit back at 8.25 when Jordan Gavin slipped one past Newcastle goal tender Olivier Martin yet the celebration was soon forgotten when Dominic Osman bagged another goal to make the score 6-3.

Osman soon went from scorer to assistant when at 0.47 he turned provider for Pier Olivier Cotnoir to close out he period with a 7-3 lead for the North Stars and minus a few players when a flurry of gloves flew with 4 seconds to go which saw five players enjoying pine time.

The third period began with where it left off with Dominic Osman bagging his fourth goal of the game at 19.32 which took the score to 8-3 however Canberra kept fighting back resulting in a Kai Miettinen goal at 10.19.

Even though Canberra were down on the scoreboard they kept asking questions and making shots on the Newcastle goal, with the persistence again paying off with 3.46 remaining in the game when Jordan Braid grabbed his second goal for the night and in doing so bringing the difference back to two goals and a 8-5.

As the clocked ticked down, North Stars young guns Matt Wetini and Jayson Chalker combined to give Wetini a much deserved goal to close the match out at 9-5.

The Knights can take many positives away from a loss, one being that not matter how far behind they got, they fought their way back which would be pleasing to any coach.

Newcastle Coach Gary Dore summed up the importance of the game, “We had to win this game, that’s really all there is to it”.


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