Where Are They Now?? Blair Tassone

In 2010, the Newcastle North Stars recruited three young players from the University of Alaska, in Anchorage. At the end of the season one of the trio would leave with 22 goals and 40 assists and finish third on the point scoring list. Blair Tassone had a chat with Craig Tonks about what he’s been up to since leaving Newcastle.

Craig Tonks:: What did you do after leaving Australia?

Blair Tassone:: Well I am currently residing in Chemainus, British Columbia Canada. After Australia I hung up the skates to get one of those real jobbie things that most people seem to have. I am now an Environmental Consultant and Health & Safety Coordinator for a local Environmental company called Coast Environmental.

CT:: You had such a great season in Australia. If you came back for another season of hockey would you like to play for the North Stars again?

BT:: Hell yes, if I ever moved back to Australia I would play for the North Stars again. As the saying goes ” once a North Star, always a North Star!”

CT:: Would you recommend the AIHL for young players in North America?

BT:: I have and always will recommend the AIHL to other young players! Always Newcastle first though! My time in Australia, the AIHL and especially Newcastle was one of the highlights of my life thus far!

CT: Any great memories from your time in Australia away from hockey?

BT:: Swimming with the great whites was awesome and Diving the Great Barrier Reef. Obviously all the great friends that I met that made my stay in Australia memorable.

CT:: Finally anything for the people of Newcastle?

BT:: Hello to everyone in and around the Newcastle organization! You all made my stay there a memory that I will never forget!!!


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