Where are they now?? Steve Kaye

Where are they now – Steve Kaye


In 2009 a young hockey player from Ontario, Canada made the pilgrimage to play hockey in Australia. By the years end, Steve Kaye had amassed 18 goals and 28 assists. In such a great season his only bad memory was the overtime loss to the Sydney Bears.


His season in Australia saw him enjoy our lifestyle and leave with life long memories. One does get the feeling that Steve would love to have another season in Australia to settle some unfinished business. We caught up with Steven to see what he’s up to now and his memories of his time in Newcastle and the AIHL.

Craig Tonks:: What are your memories of your time in Newcastle?

Steve Kaye:: I have nothing but great memories of my experience in Newcastle; other than losing in the finals in overtime. I would move to Australia if it wasn’t so far from family and friends.

CT:: Is there anything you miss about Australia?

SK:: First off, I remember the great people I met while I was down there and that made the whole experience of living and playing hockey in Newcastle even better. I must say a big thank you to Gary and Leanne Dore for their hospitality, as that made a big difference being a long way from home. I have great memories and fondly remember all the away game trips, the trip to Newcastle Zoo with the koalas, and my first encounter with a kangaroo. I miss torrential rain falls, Harry’s meat pies, late night at the bars and staying at Will Creedons place above his bar. The list goes on and on. I miss everything from the people, the beautiful weather, the landscapes, even the accents, of course the hockey and the fans in Newcastle were terrific!

CT:: Did you achieve your goals here in Australia?

SK:: I personally had a decent year and enjoyed my hockey but the ultimate goal was to win an AIHL Championship. Outside of hockey all my goals were met, I got to travel and see Australia.

CT:: What have you been up to since leaving Newcastle?

SK:: Since leaving Australia, I played for a couple more years in Europe which was fun. I am on the brink of becoming a volunteer fire fighter and run a seasonal camp ground with my wife. I recently started Hockey Evolution Canada, a skills development program. Now after being out of hockey for two years, I just signed to go back and play in France next season.

CT:: Is coaching something that you want to get into to?

SK:: I have helped with coaching before and I can see myself getting into coaching more specially with my Hockey Evolution.

CT:: Do you still get the chance to follow the AIHL?

SK:: I follow it a little but not too much.

CT:: Would you recommend a season in Australia for other young players?

SK:: I would recommend more than one season in Australia. I would love to come back and play another season in Newcastle for the North Stars.

CT:: Is there any message for the fans back in Newcastle?

SK:: Lastly a big hello front me to everyone back in Newy. I hope to see everyone again someday sooner rather than later!!

Craig Tonks


2 thoughts on “Where are they now?? Steve Kaye

  1. Leanne Doré

    Well how wonderful to read your article Craig on another great Northstars import Stevie Kaye. It would be so wonderful to see him back here with his beautiful wife Marilyn one day , he is certainly one of the players that made a huge impact on anyone he met, just an all round great guy and a terrific hockey player, So its wonderful to read what he’s up to now . Thanks Craig , you are writing such great articles, please keep doing them , they are terrific. xxx


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