Newcastle North Stars V Adelaide Adrenaline

The Adrenaline arrived in Newcastle with form, determination and two players missing from the last contest between these two sides, the Ouellette brothers.

Stars v Adrenaline 21 June 13 009

The puck had barely hit the ice when the Adrenaline began attacking the Newcastle blue line, paying off when one minute into the period, Travis Ouellette wrapped around the net to grab the first goal of the match and a 1-0 lead to Adelaide.

The North Stars were provided a great opportunity when Greg Oddy was sent to the penalty box however the North Stars could not capitalise with the extra man.

Adelaide seemed content to take time with their plays, effective passing keeping the North Stars defence starved of the puck and the forwards starved of scoring chances.

With 11 seconds remaining in the first period, Britt Ouellette again combined with his brother Travis Ouellette to slide the puck under a dropping Olivier Martin and grabbed a 2-0 lead.

The second period was looking like it would be a repeat of the first when at 12.00 minutes the Ouellette brothers swapped roles with Travis providing the assist for Britt’s goal and a 3-0 lead, after a drive up the middle of the ice.

The North Stars have been known in previous weeks, for grabbing a sneaky win from behind, and after being behind on the scoreboard, the Newcastle faithful could see the pattern possibly continuing.

With 4.10 left in the second period, and on a power play after Carson Sinclair grabbed pine time for checking, Domonic Osman fired a shot from the blue line which was redirected by David Upton who was anchored in front of the net to make it 3-1.

The third period was only 34 seconds old when Charlie Huber started a drive out of the Adelaide defensive zone and finished it with a goal when he deflected a Britt Ouellette pass to take the score out to 4-1.

With 12.45 remaining in the match, the North Stars began their usual fight back, when go to man Domonic Osman pounced on a loose puck in front of the net to make the score 4-2. The North Stars had appeared to have settled and seemed to be able to take the time needed to build the goals.

The crowd could sense something building when at 11.16, the come back continued by virtue of another power play, when Osman became the provider for Pier-Olivier Cotnoir who got the puck past Parry to close the gap to 4-3.

The tempo of the game lifted and the race to the finish line was on. With around 30 seconds left the North Stars took the opportunity to roll the dice and pull goal tender, Olivier Martin however the dice rolled up snake eyes when Britt Ouellette grabbed an empty netter and the 5-3 victory.

Many pundits had already written the Adrenaline off for the season but beware, they seem to be just warming up. One noticeable difference is the goal tending of Kevin Parry which was a major factor in the win.


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