Newcastle North Stars V Sydney Bears

Sydney Bears V Newcastle North Stars

The clashes between the Sydney Bears and the Newcastle North Stars in 2013 have seen the Bears become somewhat of a bogey side for the North Stars.

The first period could only be described as the fast and the furious with solid checks and broken sticks with one broken stick getting more ice time than some players.

A testament of how tight the scoreless first period was, only eight shots on goals were made with three for the North Stars and five for the Bears yet both goal tenders keeping clean sheets for the period.

The North Stars kept putting pressure on the Bears yet they weathered the storm until 9.17 remaining in the second when Tomas Landa provided the assist for Slavomir Boris to give the Bears a 1-0 lead.

Stars v Bears 9 June 13 121

Just as the crowd was taking a breath and beginning to have memories of the last home game loss to the Bears, Branden Stobbs continued his combination with Cameron Todd to silence the crowd with another quick goal and a 2-0 lead after Todd took great advantage of a rebound off his shin pads.

The North Stars kept coming at the Bears and driving into their zone which paid off at 7.48 remaining in the second, when Nick Quirk assisted Tim Stanger to bring he score back to 2-1.

The third period would be a race to the finish line with the danger men such as Landa, Schlamp, Martens and Osman always driving through the neutral zone and both Renars Kazanovs and Olivier Martin working hard to minimise loose pucks.

With 15.47 remaining in the game David Upton combined with Adam Geric, who has settled into the North Stars line up to equal the scores at 2-2.

Many in the crowd were thinking the prospect of a shoot-out with Kazanovs and Martin would be worth the price of admission in it’s self, however the first line combination of Pier-Olivier Cotnior and Jeff Martens, who add to his weekend goal tally to give the North Stars a 3-2 lead, after Martens pounced on a loose puck after a Cotnior shot on goal.

With only 1.32 remaining in the match Cotnoir was again the go to man, when he got the puck to Beau Taylor to score the match winning goal and the North Stars a 4-2 win.

The North Stars kept their winning streak going and the Bears again showed they can take it to this Newcastle side by out shooting them 35 to 20 in what could have been a much higher scoring game if it wasn’t for two of the form goal tenders in the AIHL.

Craig Tonks


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