Amelia Matheson

Who’s that girl :: Amelia Matheson

In the first of a series of interviews with some of the stars of the AWIHL, Craig Tonks put some questions to a young lady that is one of the most respected players in the league, the North Star Sirens’ Amelia Matheson.

pic :: Debra Jean Photography

When you need a player on your team in the AWIHL who has great skating skills, the right amount of controlled aggression and a player that can lift the whole team, only one name already comes to mind.  A bonus is a player who recognises that putting back into the sport is equally important to what they take out of the game, it’s exactly what you get when you have Amelia Matheson on your team.

Craig Tonks :: When did you start playing ice hockey?

Amelia Matheson :: I started playing in 2003 when I was 17.

CT :: What do you love about the sport?

AM :: The speed and intensity, the competition and the team spirit but more importantly being apart of a team that feels and treats each other like a family, is the best thing.

CT :: What was your journey through the junior ranks?

AM :: I played midgets for 1 year then straight into the women’s league. I have represented NSW and then began playing in the AWIHL when it started. I then played in the 2011 and 2012 Australian team.

CT :: Is there anyone who has been a major influence on your career?

AM :: Coaching wise I would have to say Dawn Watt, she got me involved in coaching and giving back to the hockey community. Player wise people like Kaylee White, who has been our Captain for our North Star Sirens team the since the beginning. Kaylee is an inspiration on and off the ice and one of the big reasons I still play hockey.

CT :: What has been your own career highlight so far?

AM :: Playing for the Australian team in my home town of Newcastle was a massive highlight for me.

CT :: Do you think it is important to put back into the sport (coaching, mentoring ect)

AM :: Yes 100%. I’ve been coaching for 5 years now and I enjoy it a lot. To know you have people look up to you as well is a massive personal accomplishment.

CT :: Who is your favourite hockey player to watch?

AM :: I watch a lot of New South Wales rep games and each team has my favourite player to watch and as for overseas hockey I don’t really have favourites, I just enjoy watching it.

CT :: What are your goals for this season?

AM :: To be fit and ready for finals. Like Kaylee said, “You learn a lot from winning but you learn a lot more from losing”. So I feel this season will have its ups and down on the ice but it will be a massive learning curve that will prepare us for AWIHL finals in March 2013.

CT :: Any advice for young girls out there striving to make it to the AWIHL?

AM :: Train hard and don’t give up on your goals. Start small and work your way up to the AWIHL. Anyone can do it if they work hard enough! :)

by Craig Tonks


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