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Kaylee White

Fundamentals Important For Kaylee White

North Star Sirens Captain Kaylee White is one of the most determined players in the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League.  Craig Tonks found out a bit more about the Sirens on ice leader.

Pic :: Jack Geraghty

Pic :: Jack Geraghty

Craig Tonks :: When did you start playing ice hockey?

Kaylee White :: I started playing when I was 15. I was playing In-line Hockey and all the girls on my team played Ice Hockey and they kept asking me to come and play Ice. I have never looked back. I can probably thank Miri Hamilton-Yates for me playing Ice Hockey

CT :: What do you love about the sport?
KW :: The speed of the game, the skill that it requires to be a good hockey player, the challenge. I also love the social side of it. Now that I have 2 son’s (Jordan and Cooper) I don’t have much time for a social life so playing sport gives me that social outlet that is important for any mum. I love spending time with the girls on my teams.
CT :: What was your journey through the junior ranks?
KW :: Well I started when I was 15 so I never really played junior hockey. I have always played in the women’s teams.

CT :: Is there anyone who has been a major influence on your career
KW :: There are many people but firstly my parents Anna and Peter Reitsma, who always drove me to games and trainings, cheered me on and paid for my Hockey trips when I was younger. They always supported me and I would not have been able to play the sport without them. So it’s a huge thanks to them.

Secondly, my husband Peter White, who has also been a coach of mine and always supported me playing hockey. It’s actually harder than people would think for a mum to play hockey. You really need the support of you family and friends. I have often received comments that made me feel like a I am a bad mother because I play sport and rely on my family to help care for the boys when I am away on hockey trips. I thank my husband and family for helping to take care of the boys and always supporting me and the sport.

Thirdly, the coaches that I really think shaped the player that I am today for example Kathy Burg and Mark Stephenson.

Finally, all the other people who have supported me either by sponsoring me or just coming to a game to cheer on the team or myself personally. I really appreciate all the support I have been given over the years. I don’t think I would have played for as long as I have without all these people….You all know who you are.

CT :: Is there anyone that you have enjoyed playing hockey with over the years?

KW :: Players that I love or loved playing with such as: Miri Hamilton-Yates, Becc Jalleh, Amelia Matherson, Ash Brown, Rachael White, Sharna Godfrey, Amanda Fenton, Steph Boxall, Mel Rulli, Traci Cummings, Mellissa Bibby and so many more. I really feel blessed with all the wonderful girls I have been able to meet and play Ice Hockey with.

CT :: What has been your own career highlight?
KW :: Winning gold at the 2003 World Championships Div3 and being awarded best Defence of the tournament. A definite highlight is being the Captain of the Australian Team in 2008, 2011

CT :: Is it important to put back into the sport?
KW :: Yes, this is very important to me. Just last year I was chosen by our association to go over to the IIHF 2012 Development Camp held in Finland as a coach. I learnt so much and had such an amazing time. Once I finish playing hockey I intend to coach women’s hockey in Australia. I was assistant coach of the Penrith women’s team this year and I really enjoy giving back to the sport and helping the younger players work on their game. I also assisted in running the IIHF 2012 come and try day for girls at Liverpool. It was so wonderful to see so many girls come out and give it a go. I had the best day with all those girls. I hope I get to see some of them on the ice this year.

CT :: Who is your favourite hockey player to watch?
KW :: I actually enjoy playing hockey much more than watching it. If I had to pick one I would have to say Miri Hamilton-Yates. She was my idol as a kid and I always wanted to be as good as her some day.

CT :: What are your goals for this season?
KW :: I want to keep working on my fitness and improve my game on the ice. My goals for the Sirens is to be in the Grand Final..

CT :: Lastly do you have any advice for young girls out there striving to make it to the AWIHL?
KW :: Work hard and don’t ever give up.

by Craig Tonks